Google Ideas And Tools Worth Remembering In 2013Marketing Apocalypse

Ideas And Tools Worth Remembering In 2013

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Ideas And Tools Worth Remembering In 2013

Like most of us, I consume more content than I could possibly remember. Working for multiple clients in multiple industries I have pretty thick filters keeping most of the information I look at from being digested by cognitive  sections of my brain. And like most of us, I really remember the things that I actively choose to consume like books, movies, music, conversations and the occasional article. Below are a list of the articles that caught my attention enough to bookmark and read more than once this year. (Not in any special order)

Focus@Will – Streaming Music To Keep You Focused - I listen to music all day every day and there’s nothing worse than getting to a song that completely erases the train of thought you were on. This is a new article but I’m definitely looking forward to trying it out.

Iconify.It – Hundreds of FREE Vector Icons – The rise in mobile usage has created a more universal form of communication through iconography. You don’t have to be a top-notch graphic designer to appreciate free and creative vector icons. Labs – Simple Infographic Creation and Data Base - Data visualisation is becoming more of a standard than a style. is a great place to find, and create, infographics.

Twitter Cards For Everyone! – Your rich content in the stream – If you put in a little work you can get the content from your website/blog to show up in-stream. Do it!

Publish Your Blog To Kindle – If you’re blogging on a regular basis and have developed a decent following you should try this out.

The Future of Social Media According to 50+ Experts – Lots of great predictions and thoughts from some very smart people.

Ted ED – Content for learning - I am a huge fan of Ted Talks but when you don’t have time for the full talk and you still want a new lesson/idea, Ted Ed does the trick. Well-designed content for all.

Coursera – Free Online Classes From Top Professors –   Never stop learning!

Thinglink – Add a new level of engagement to the images you share online -  No streaming live in Twitter and on websites across the interweb.

Evernote – Never lose an idea – We’re getting bussier and bussier and that means we may not always “have time” to write down an idea. Set up Evernote on all your devices so even when you’re on the go you never lose a thought. I have it on Ipad, Iphone, and I have a smart notebook. Without all of those things this book would probably not be happening. – An oldie but a goody for content aggregation -  If you spend a lot of time jumping from blog to blog to find all the content you’re really looking for… STOP! Sign up for an account and customize your own Alltop page. (See mine here)

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